Glossier balm dotcom
Glossier… Where do I begin? I’ve lusted after this brand since it was founded in 2010 by Into the Gloss genius and owner, Emily Weiss. I mean, just look at the products – look at them. I feel we need a few seconds of silence of appreciation.

The brand has catapulted from strength to strength over the past few years, helped along by the power of Instagram. They’ve even made the “shelfie” a thing, check out their Instagram feed – it’s my favourite thing to follow.

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser,, soothing face mist

If I could describe the Glossier products in one word, without a doubt I’d choose the word fresh. They are so fresh and clean, so delicate, yet so effective. This is honestly a really, really great brand. Something I feel the beauty industry has needed for quite some time. It’s a brand that I get so overly excited about, and I know many other people do too. I mean, what other company sends you a pack of cute and girly stickers out with every order, to enable you to customise your products? It’s pretty easy to understand why everyone’s going crazy about this brand.

I’d say my favourite product has to be the Balm dotcom ($12). It’s that great I’ve bought four of them – no seriously, I have. It’s a thick, waxy hydrating balm that locks in moisture and provides your lips with a high dose of antioxidants and emollients; and the best thing… it tastes and smells of nothing, absolutely nothing – which is fantastic news for those of us with sensitive skin; or anyone that just wants a really brilliant, but simple product. For those who crave a little more adventure, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s also now available in four other gorgeous flavours, something to suit everyone. Oh, and you’re not limited to just using this on the lips either; nope, it can be used anywhere you may have dry or irritated skin.

Next up, let’s discuss the rather aptly named Milky Jelly Cleanser ($18). This one has caused quite a bit of a stir recently, people have gone crazy for it. I mean the name, come on – the name… what a great name! It’s a creamy gel formula that really, and I mean really gets to work at cleansing the skin, leaving you with squeaky clean, fresh (there’s that word again) skin. But – and I’m not sure how they manage it – you’re also left with beautifully soft, comforted skin, it doesn’t even irritate the eye area. Pretty hard to believe, and I guess the reason that everyone has gone so crazy about it.

Reminding me of a Laduree Rose Macaron, we also have the Rosewater Spray ($18), a soothing face mist. Such a delicate product, that makes me feel like a real girly girl when I use it. Again, it’s super super gentle on the skin and really refreshes the skin. It’s great to use after cleansing, to prep the skin for moisturiser; and also works as a makeup pick me up to freshen the look of the complexion.

Now… do you want the bad news or the good news first? I’ll start with the bad. So, you may have noticed (UK readers) that the prices have been given in dollars. That’s because, unfortunately at the moment the brand hasn’t extended its domination to the UK. I see people asking them every day on social media though, so hopefully this will happen soon… But, fear not UK population – you can in fact buy a three pack of the original balm dotcom (£30) over at Net-a-Porter. THANK YOU NET-A-PORTER!!! No seriously, thank you.

If you haven’t discovered Glossier for yourselves yet, discover it. It’s great. Come back and thank me later – I know you will!

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