Maison Martin Margiela – Replica Funfair Evening EDP

This is a fragrance that I’ve considered blind buying quite a few times, for a few years now. I’ve had a feeling I’d like it ever since I heard of it, just going on the name and the bottle; but priced at £85 it could have been a very expensive mistake.

Just before Christmas I was strolling through John Lewis and this happened to be out on display, I sprayed it on my hand and left. The WHOLE way home I literally couldn’t stop sniffing my hand, even my boyfriend asked what it was. As soon as I got home I ordered a bottle.

The scent reminds me of something (probably why it’s called Replica…), but it’s something I can’t quite put my finger on… YES it does have a funfair feel to it, but it’s something else, something mysterious, nostalgic and happy. It’s a long lasting, sweet – but very grown up, gourmand scent; but when I say gourmand, I wouldn’t necessarily say that’s noticeable by others. Basically, don’t worry – you’re not going to smell like a walking sweet shop, not at all. I hope I’m making sense here, but it’s a very complex (and amazing) scent. It has depth, it’s interesting and to be honest is unlike anything else I’ve experienced in a fragrance before.

What I do find with the Replica fragrances though, is (and I could be wrong here) that they work with your natural body scent, so do try it before you buy it – just to be sure that it works with you. If it does, you’re in for a lovely, lovely treat. Enjoy!

Replica Funfair Evening is priced at £85 for 100ml and can be purchased here.


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  1. 5th January 2017 / 1:51 pm

    I’ve heard so much about these fragrances, I am so desperate to try one! This one sounds lovely!

    Lauren | Styled By Lauren