Saint Laurent Classic Sac de Jour in Fog Grained Leather

Oh this bag. This bag has been on my wish list forever. Seriously, it’s a classic style, an investment piece that won’t go out of fashion, and I’ve wanted it for years. That’s really what investment bags are, bags that have been around for years and continue to soar in popularity and style. The Sac de Jour epitomises that.

Saint Laurent Classic Sac de Jour in Fog Grained Leather

Once I was in a lucky enough position to be able to introduce one of these beauties to my wardrobe, I had some decision making to do. The Sac de Jour is available in so many different colours, leather textures and sizes. Now after quite a bit of research, I decided it was best to go for the grained leather effect; to be honest, I like the look of the grained leather over the smooth leather anyway – but after scouring handbag forums, I also came to the realisation that the grained leather is much more durable – apparently the smooth leather can damage much easier. That’s a big one for me when putting my money into a handbag, it’s not something I take lightly and I want to ensure that the bag can stand the test of time. I also knew I wanted a neutral colour, I wanted a style that would go with everything and that could be used for all situations – work, socialising, dining out, shopping, you name it – I’m getting my wear from this bag.

So initially, I opted for the Sac de Jour Nano in black grained leather, I prefer smaller bags that can fit over your shoulder, that you don’t have to worry about carrying and getting in the way. It came in the post and I excitedly ripped the bag open… major set back – the nano bag has no zip closure; now it does have an accordion style side that can pull in, but even this didn’t offer great protection to my belongings. It had to go, and I was sad. So a size up it was, the Classic Small Sac de Jour; this is when I noticed the Fog (grey) option. Personally, I think this colour is quite unusual for a bag, whilst still managing to be neutral (so goes with everything), suitable for work and stylish. My mind was made up – again!

Another box came (I returned the black FYI) and once again, it was ripped open with excitement. But this was it, this was the one! The colour, oh the colour – even better than it looked on the website. The sizing, it was perfect – to clarify, the Saint Laurent Classic Small Sac de Jour is not small. At least I don’t think it is? The bag goes up another size, so that one must be huge. This is the perfect size, it’s your regular tote handbag size (12.5 x 9.8 x 6.4 inches to be precise) and fits SO MUCH IN THERE. It has three compartments, including a huge zip closure one in the middle, and even has a zip pocket at the back. The  accordion style sides also allow for a much safer closure too on this size, and although the bag never fully closes completely in its entirety – the middle zip closure pocket is big enough to fit all valuables in, meaning I don’t have to worry about someone easily swiping something.

The bag is also super structured, I have no worries about it ever losing its shape, is very durable and also not too heavy – apparently the older styles were suede lined and this made them very heavy, the newer ones don’t have that problem. In my opinion, this is the perfect investment bag. Yes, expensive; but the style will last for years (serious years), the price is also likely to increase annually on them and so if you decide to sell in a few years, if you look after it you might even be able to make some money on the sale, and there’s no worries regarding damage and durability.

Saint Laurent Classic Sac de Jour in Fog Grained Leather

The Saint Laurent Classic Small Sac de Jour is currently priced at £1985 brand new, you can purchase it here.* But check out places such as Vestiaire Collective, which offer second hand (authenticity confirmed) designer handbags. Bargains can also be sometimes found on eBay, but you need to be really careful here, as these aren’t authenticity guaranteed, and there are so many fakes around – some are quite deceptive, too; please take good care here, you don’t want to put your hard earned money into a fake, plus there are so many unethical reasons that fakes are wrong too (unethical labour to meet demand, cruel factory and working conditions etc). If you do chose the eBay option, I would recommend first sending pictures (PRE PURCHASE) to an online authenticator; I’ve used before and for a very small fee (I think last time it was £5), they will authenticate the bag and send you a detailed report. If you have made a purchase without getting pre authentication, and it does turn out to be fake; the reports from this company are also accepted by Paypal worldwide and will support in getting your money back. This company have ex brand employees and experts that really know their stuff; that way if you do think you’ve found a bargain, you can purchase with ease.


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