Givenchy Antigona Mini in Black Textured Leather

Ah the Antigona Mini, probably my favourite handbag design ever. A classic style that just doesn’t seem to be dwindling in the style stakes at all. Now frequent readers of my blog, or anyone who follows me on Instagram may have realised that I already own this bag in cream… Well that’s right, I did have it in cream, I purchased it about a year and a half ago now, and I’d say I had worn it a maximum of about eight times.

Eight times to say that it’s my favourite handbag design ever, really isn’t a lot of wear in a year and a half is it? Honestly, that’s because I was petrified to use it. The cream colour as lovely as it was, picked up stains so easily including dye from my jeans every time I wore it. I always protect my handbags with a really decent leather protector spray, but even that couldn’t stop the dye transfer onto this bag; and yes, it could be removed by giving it a good rub with a baby wipe – but really, who has time to do that at the end of every day? The colour also only meant that it was getting used in Spring and Summer, even further cutting down the amount of use I was getting out of it; and to be honest, when I’m spending so much money on an item, I want to get my use from it, and I also want it to last the test of time.

So what could I do? My absolute favourite handbag just wasn’t getting worn, I adored it – but from a shelf in my wardrobe, because I just didn’t want it to stain at all. Well this is where investing into pieces like this and being able to sell them on, should they not work out comes in really useful. Givenchy actually had a price increase since I purchased the cream bag, and because I look after my items so well… I was able to sell the cream one on for slightly more than I paid for it in the first place (thanks to the price increase- you’ll find this happens with a lot of high end design houses). This then meant that with the money I got from the sale, I was able to purchase a brand new black one for exactly the same price – almost a like for like swap if you will. Now this doesn’t work with all designer handbags, it has to be a classic design and one that keeps increasing in popularity – some Saint Laurent and especially Chanel bags work quite well for doing this, if it’s something you want to look into; but I would urge you to do your research properly before investing.

Anyway, back to the new handbag. So now I’m the proud owner of the Antigona Mini in black – I’ve already used it so much since buying it, I don’t feel worried about stains or clothing transfers and I also feel like it can go with just about anything. In a nutshell – I love it. I opted for the mini size as it means I can wear it as a shoulder or cross body bag as well, should I want to, further increasing the wearability – the shoulder strap is also detachable. Don’t let the Mini name put you off here though, it’s SO roomy and fits everything I need in it, with ease – it’s not a work bag, it’s not going to fit your laptop in there – but for all other occasions, it’s perfect.

Measurements come in at: Depth 13cm, Handle Drop 9cm, Height 18cm, Max. Strap Length 122cm, Min. Strap Length 112cm, and Width 26cm (taken from the Net a Porter website) just incase you wanted to measure up for yourself. The bag is available in both smooth and grained leather, but I always find that grained leather is so much more durable and long lasting. The hardware on the bag is silver, which I also prefer as for me, it just goes more with my own style. I always find silver hardware on a handbag to be much more of neutral colour addition. The interior is made of a canvas material (black), which also means there’s less chance of ever ruining the inside (think possible makeup / perfume leaks etc).

All in all, I’m really pleased with the decision I made to swap the cream bag for the black. I’m already getting much more wear from it, and I’m really looking forward to accessorising my Autumn wardrobe with it especially. You can purchase the bag here.*


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