Four of the Best Scented Candles – Including THAT Aldi Jo Malone Dupe Everyone’s Talking About

Jo Malone Sweet Almond & Macaroon Scented Candle* – The luxury candle of all candles. The most beautiful packaging; the strongest scent; a lovely, even burn; these really are just the best. I don’t think as many people are too familiar with this scent offering, as it’s a standalone – so the scent is only available in the candle form. It’s gorgeously sweet and girly, and also very gourmand. I adore it and it would make the best gift for those special occasions (hint hint if anyones reading this…). My absolute favourite.

Aldi Pomegranate No 3 Luxury Fragranced Candle – For a budget candle, I’d say this is pretty good. It’s a very generous size; smells lovely and comes with a lid; which to be fair to Aldi is a major positive for the price (which is what, a mere £3.99 I think they cost?)… especially as most high end candles that are around the £20-30 price point don’t actually come with lids. It also looks pretty gorgeous in your home to say it’s a supermarket offering. Is it a dupe for Jo Malone? Personally, I don’t agree it is. Apart from the name, the packaging is very different (albeit still pretty); and the scent, although similar, doesn’t hit the Jo Malone luxury – I’d say it’s more of a soapier smell than the Jo Malone scent, and not anywhere near as strong. However, for the price of these – I really don’t think you can go wrong. Would I queue for one? No. Would I pick one up next time I’m in there, probably – yes.

The White Company Signature Candles* – An extremely good candle for the price. These candles come in a huge range of scent options, sizes and styles. They look so classic and stylish, and have a very strong scent. A super luxurious candle for a fraction of the price. I’m currently burning this seasonal Wild Rhubarb one, but other favourites include Winter, Seychelles, Ocean Tide, Orange Grove & Pomegranate. Oh I just love them all!

Molton Brown Single Wick Candle* – Hmm. So, don’t get me wrong, these are good candles. They produce an even burn, come in so many different scents, are nice and strong and look stylish; but for £5 less than a Jo Malone candle, that comes with a lid and a bow too… I’d say go for the Jo Malone option. I also think the other candle options listed above look much prettier around the home too; but then I guess that depends on you – I like very neutral and simplistic accessories for my home, but if you like lots of colour, you’ll enjoy these. A good quality candle, but probably not one I’ll purchase again. If it were £10 or so cheaper, I’d potentially be more inclined.


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  1. 17th September 2017 / 10:31 pm

    I have heard so much about the Aldi candles, and they do sound like they smell amazing! I really want to try a candle from the white company too, as they seem to have so many great ones xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    • Stephanie
      27th September 2017 / 10:00 pm

      The White Company ones are amazing! I’d def recommend them xxx

    • Stephanie
      27th September 2017 / 10:00 pm

      Thanks so much for commenting, you made me smile! x