Jo Malone Orange Bitters

Every year I get excited about the Jo Malone Christmas collection, and I’ve been itching to get my hands on the Orange Bitters cologne… well pretty much since last year! You see these sell out quite fast, and I didn’t bother last year, then obviously totally regretted it.

Apparently the scent has changed a little for 2017, and disappointingly, so has the bottle. I much preferred last years festive gold and black offering – but the scent hasn’t disappointed, not one bit. Now if you’re expecting a fruity scent, you may be a little surprised here. The opening gives us a warm, sweet and juicy citrus hit; but dry down is very much an aromatic sandalwood, with hints of amber. It’s a very heady and enchanting spiced winter scent that lasts on the skin so well. Seriously, the scent was still – albeit faintly – there after I’d showered, and I was still getting subtle hints of it the next morning. But that’s what I love in a fragrance, I adore unique and powerful scents that make an impact.

Think of this scent as a spiced orange cocktail that also gives hints of mystical incense… a welcoming, warming log fire after being outside in the cold, and bursts of excitement over the impending season of glitz and glamour – that to me, is how I’d summarise this fragrance.

Orange bitters is a limited edition scent can be purchased here. The 30ml size is an online exclusive, and therefore won’t be available in boutiques.


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  1. Claire Smith
    21st November 2017 / 10:00 pm

    This sounds gorgeous x