My Favourite Winter Accessories

Gucci Velvet Marmont Bag, Acne Scarf

Don’t you just love Winter fashion? All the rich colours, textures and fabrics… velvet, wool, cashmere – think snuggly, cosy fabrics perfect for keeping you protected from that crisp winter chill. Warm, vivid shades such as burgundy are top of my colour palette this season; pair these with a neutral selection of wardrobe basics and I don’t think you can go wrong. Here’s a few of the accessories I’m absolutely loving this winter:

Gucci Marmont Velvet Mini Bag – I’ve had a bit of a love-hate relationship with Gucci bags this year. If you regularly read my blog, you’ll know that I’ve invested in two over the past twelve months. However, I ended up wearing both for a short period of time, then deciding to sell because my heart just wasn’t in them – to be honest, I just wasn’t getting the wear out of them, and I didn’t want to spend so much money on something to just never use it. However this time, I’m pretty certain I’ve found the one. I decided I liked this a good couple of months ago now, but thought I would wait to make sure I was 100% certain it was the one I wanted. It was, and I’m absolutely head over heels with it. It fits so much in for something classed as a “mini bag” and the velvet fabric just makes it that extra bit special. I’ll do a full review on this one in a couple of months, when I’ve really had some wear out of it; but at the moment it’s one of my favourite items of this year.

Acne Canada Scarf – So again with the wardrobe recycling… I did have a Louis Vuitton scarf which I purchased last year and loved. However, I started beginning to see the scarf on more and more people; and it began to lose the appeal a little… it was also quite logo heavy, and I’ve started to come to the realisation that this isn’t really me – I prefer a more subtle design. So as beautiful as it was, again – I just wasn’t using it, and therefore I had to leave it. However, a chunky scarf is a winter wardrobe essential, and so I needed something to replace it. Enter the Acne Canada Scarf. Made from 100% wool, these scarves come in a huge array of colours; and are also that big, they could also be used as a pashmina cover up too. Now I’ve only had this one a week or so, therefore I’ll probably do a full review on it in a couple of months… but I’m so pleased I purchased this, and I can see it being a wardrobe staple of mine for a long, long time.

M&S Ankle Boots – Ahh good old M&S. These boots were the perfect seasonal find for me. They’re extremely comfortable, super flattering and instantly dress any outfit up. For the price, I don’t think you can really go wrong either. A good pair of black winter boots is a must for me, and these ones hit the bill perfectly. They’re bang on trend at the moment too and make me feel all glamorous as soon as I pull them onto my feet. A great find.

M&S Burgundy Cardigan – I adore burgundy at this time of the year, and this cardigan contains a mix of so many different hues; it’s a really stunning knit. M&S have labeled this as a “coatigan”, which I’m assuming is a mix between a coat and a cardigan? However I’d say it’s definitely just a cardigan; nonetheless, a beautiful cardigan – but I think you’d get a bit of a shock if you were attempting to use it as a coat mid winter. Saying all this, its super snuggly and looks stunning layered over a simple black outfit. M&S have really impressed me this season!


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