What I Got for Christmas 2017

Some people love these posts, others are not so interested. As a huge fan of reading blogs myself, I really enjoy them and I put lots of effort into making my space on the internet a place to share everything that I myself love, and I would want to read about. So, without further ado…

Scented Candles are a huge winner as a gift for me, they’re probably one of my favourite items to receive, and this year I was so lucky to receive all my favourites. I got the Orange Grove botanical candle from The White Company and also the Pomegranate signature candle – this is the scent I use to fragrance my living room and hall, it’s always been a favourite. I also got The White Company Cassis diffuser, not one I’ve used before, but Cassis is the scent I’m going to have for our bedroom this year. I was also delighted to unwrap a Gingerbread candle, and a prosecco candle, both of which smell amazing.

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede is my latest Jo Malone obsession after purchasing the perfume earlier on this month, so I was absolutely delighted to receive it as a candle too. And I was also lucky enough to get some money for Christmas, with which I purchased myself a stunning Bella Freud candle – I use the pots to decorate my home afterwards with too.

I received this beautiful Anthropologie Perasima mug (which I had actually seen and chosen myself), it’s so unique and unusual, the picture doesn’t even do it justice. It looks orange inside, but it’s actually pink and will home all my favourite hot chocolate drinks in quite nicely.

One of my favourite gifts this year was a gorgeously soft Jellycat unicorn teddy. It’s very me, and is right up my street – I love it so much and can’t stop picking it up for a cuddle! Lots of Disney items were also unwrapped, including an Aristocats Marie blanket. Marie is my favourite Disney character and this blanket is so huge and snuggly. I got a Minnie Mouse dressing gown too from the Disney shop (my boyfriend got me one a few years back and it was kind of on its last legs, so this was to replace it – they’re the best dressing gowns ever) and the matching slippers, that have even been personalised with my name! I also got Minnie socks, too; and a pug sleep mask, which isn’t Disney, but sits in with the pyjama / sleepwear theme.

Speaking of pyjamas, I also got an amazing pair of Harry Potter ones (you can’t go wrong with HP pyjamas). I got my own pack of Tarot cards too – I actually got these early, but they’re one of my favourite items – I’m such a huge fan of anything to do with astrology / tarot etc. I’m not sure how my Mum knew, but I had been eyeing up a book called “A Pug Like Percy” for a while, so was pleasantly surprised to open that on Christmas morning. Oh and I was super happy to get the cotton & cashmere sweater I’ve been eyeing up for a while as well.

I’m in no way ashamed to say that there were also lots of food gifts that never made the cut… because they’ve already been eaten. My boyfriend and I were completely spoilt with chocolate this year, boxes, tubs, drinks – you name it. I always (jokingly) complain every year that I never get a chocolate orange as I love them and they’re such a Christmassy thing to receive… well I think my moaning paid off, as I got two this year! One didn’t even make it past breakfast on Christmas day. I also got a huge bottle of Baileys, and a bottle of M&S Chocolate Yule Log Baileys style drink, which was dare I say it, almost nicer than Baileys itself – it’s nearly finished already!

I think I’ve managed to include everything. My boyfriend and I got a bit excited a week or two ago and decided to swap some of our presents early – one of which I got Elf on Blu Ray, much to my delight. I also got a very special early gift from my boyfriend a few months ago, but that’s one I’d like to keep to myself. I’ve been so very spoilt and lucky this year, but for me Christmas is more about giving than receiving and I was also lucky enough to spoil all my loved ones too. There’s nothing I love more than watching other people open gifts that you’ve chosen for them and know they will love.




  1. Madison Brown
    30th December 2017 / 3:03 pm

    I love this so much!! I just posted my favorite beauty products of 2017! I’d love if you would check it out!

  2. 30th December 2017 / 3:18 pm

    It looks like you got some lovely gifts! I got a Jo Malone shower gel in my favourite scent and theres something about the bag/packaging and the brand that makes it so nice to get as a gift!

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