Diorama Wallet on Chain in Nude Grained Calfskin

Dior Diorama Wallet on Chain in Nude Grained Calfskin

Late on last year, I finally purchased my dream bag – the Diorama Wallet on Chain… But two weeks later I returned it. Why?

Dior has always been one of my favourite designers, I think due to the heavy influence of astrology and superstition in lots of his designs. This is something I very much take an interest in, and enjoy any form of design, be that illustrations or fashion, that are based on such things. It’s said that Christian Dior himself was very much into superstition, due to a palm reader informing him at a young age that he would see great success through women. This resonated with him so much, that he took close guidance from her throughout his life and career – very much shaping the paths he chose. He also focused very much on numbers; particularly the numbers 13 and 8, and also formed a collection of talismans. Much of this history is reflected in the Dior designs and collections, and due to this, I’ve always been in awe of anything produced by the Dior house.

The Diorama design has always been my favourite, and for a long time I lusted after the Wallet on Chain bag – so much to my delight last year, I was finally able to purchase it… So why then, did I return the bag two weeks later? To put it quite simply, the bag was just too small for what I needed. I have an iPhone in the plus size and it fit, but only just. It was a real squeeze to get it in there and pulling it out effortlessly wasn’t really possible. For me, this would very much have been an evening bag, and I didn’t really want to run the risk of pulling my phone out and spilling other items from the bag without realising; especially when in restaurants and bars with low lighting and lots of people around.

Now I was aware of the measurements pre purchase (19 x 12 x 3 cm) however I didn’t realise just how tight the leather would be. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s one of the best quality bags I’ve ever been lucky enough to try – but due to the cost I was just so scared of stretching it and ruining the structure of the bag. It’s a lot of money to spend on an item that I’d be too scared to put into use. The bag has a main internal compartment, with six card slots (so you can save space there with regards to not having to take out a purse) and also a separate pocket on the front, which did fit the phone in – but not very much else – I struggled to fit my foundation compact, lipstick, phone, and keys in there all at the same time. I’m the kind of person who likes to take quite a bit out with me, and so as much as I tried – this just wasn’t going to work.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is a beautiful bag. It was purchased directly from the Dior website and the whole experience of shopping with them is something special in itself. The bag came wrapped in a Dior box, complete with ribbon and even the signature carrier bag. The chain for the bag was also presented in a stunningly delicate Dior pouch, it was a lovely unwrapping experience. It’s also worth mentioning that although the bag is described as nude, it does have a baby pink look to it too (I was aware of this, and this is what I wanted), but there is a “powder pink” version of the design also, so if you’re unsure it may be worth just checking out both colours in real life. The chain is also detachable so the bag can be used as a clutch also – and if you have a smaller model of phone, this would be the perfect special occasion handbag, especially for weddings and dining out. But for me, and the items I like to take out with me – sadly, it just didn’t work out and so back it went.

I have mentioned a few times now on handbag reviews, that if you get a special piece like this; once you work out the cost per wear – due to the quality, classic design and longevity of these items; they really are great investments. But it would be slightly hypocritical (and rather silly) of me to then stick with an item that was only ever going to be used once every blue moon. There is a longer version of the bag, but this means that it has a smaller depth and I prefer the boxier design of this bag – therefore that one wasn’t really for me. And so sadly, the search continues…




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