Simple Ways to Detox Your Life

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January is typically associated with new beginnings, de-cluttering, organisation, fresh perspectives, and taking some time to be the best version of yourself. I’ve therefore collated a huge list of simple things that I regularly take the time to do, that really make me feel much more organised, balanced and together. Obviously you don’t need to tick off the whole lot in January (it’s also a month for taking it slooooowly!), but it’s a good reference list, of which some of them you may already do. Pick one, or two, or a handful to do and see if they make you feel that bit more zen.


Clear out all your electronic devices – delete all your old photos and screenshots, and group the pictures you do want to keep into organised albums.

Sync and backup all your devices. I regularly ensure my phone is backed up, my blog, and even my laptop – I have lots of precious photos on there that I’d never want to lose; so once a month or so, I ensure the most up to date folders are transferred over to my USB stick.

Clear out all your old messages and WhatsApp conversations.

Unfollow or delete anyone on social media who doesn’t inspire you to be the best and happiest version of yourself. Now may be a good time to have a check over those privacy settings too, and make sure everything on there is as private as you need it to be.

Take some time to organise your emails. Unsubscribe from any junk mail listings. File any existing emails into manageable folders and spend some time deleting any un needed ones that are just sitting there.

Remove any old / unused contact numbers from your phone book.

Delete any unused apps from your phone and organise the ones you do use into folders.

Charge up all your electronic equipment – laptops, cameras, phones etc.

Clean up your TV planner – you no longer need that recorded episode of The Snowman on there.


Next time you clean your teeth, take a few more minutes to floss and use some mouthwash too.

Treat yourself to a head to toe exfoliation next time you’re in the shower – it’s amazing how much more fresh and revitalised it will make you feel.

Look into attending a Yoga class – it’s something I’m taking the time to ensure I do every week at the moment.

Have a long soak in the bath, apply a face mask and smother yourself in moisturiser top to toe afterwards.

Take some time to really get caught up on your sleep. Nothing is more important, and anything else can wait. You can’t perform at your best if you haven’t been getting enough sleep.

Purchase a reusable water bottle – not only will this encourage you to drink more water, but it’s great for the environment too. Bkr do some really good ones that are also incredibly stylish looking.

De-clutter and organise your makeup. Anything old and past its use by date needs to be thrown out. That fuchsia limited edition blush you purchased last year then never touched again, do you really need it?

Remove old nail polish and give yourself a fresh new manicure.

Invest in a really good quality multi vitamin from a proper health shop. I used to think vitamins were aload of old tripe, until I purchased a good one and I noticed a difference almost instantly. I pay about £15 for mine, but I can really tell that they work.


Have a huge deep clean; I’m talking windowsills, room corners, behind radiators, kitchen cupboards – the bits that are normally neglected during the normal clean – anything to make your home feel all sparkly and brand new again.

Clear out your wardrobe – anything that hasn’t been worn within a year, get rid. Keeping clutter won’t help with a calm mind. You may even find lots of bits to sell on eBay / Depop; then you can buy some gorgeous new season pieces. Don’t forget to organise sock and underwear drawers at the same time – although perhaps not ones for selling on.

Put some fresh bedding on. I don’t need to tell you how amazing this feels.

Put out some new diffusers, or top your existing ones up. Invest in some beautiful new scented candles to make your home feel all fresh and ready for the new season.

Have a tidy up behind the TV, remove any old wiring and look to get some wire organisers – it’s amazing how this can get built up full of old electrical bits. This won’t do anything for your new zen home.

Have a look at purchasing some new cookbooks, or dig out those ones you’ve never got round to using and get planning out some fresh and exciting recipes. My favourites at the moment are “Get the Glow” by Madeline Shaw and “It’s a Pleasure” by Virpi Mikkonen.

Invest in an air purifier – we swear by ours.

Clean out and get your car washed, top it up with petrol.

Look into purchasing a Lumie style alarm clock, the ones that wake you up with natural light. It can do wonders for making a positive start to your day.


Have a dedicated once  a week social media free day.

Purchase some new books – whatever you’re into – novels, coffee table book, self improvement… it doesn’t matter. There’s something incredibly satisfying about a pile of fresh, new books to get through.

List the things that you really enjoy, then take the time once a week / month to make sure you do them.

Write a wish list for the new year and try to tick off one or two every month – this could be something like grab a coffee with friends, go for afternoon tea, visit a new restaurant etc.

Get yourself some new stationery. Muji gel pens are the best, especially for writing in a fresh, new notebook – I always keep stocked up with them and don’t like writing with anything else.

Get your finances in order. Open a savings account, even if you just put £1 a week into it, it will eventually build up! Move any existing credit card balances to 0% balance transfer cards – there’s an array of offers out there at the moment and if you’re not already doing it, it’s really something worth looking into.



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