The Acne Canada Scarf – A Winter Must Have

The Acne Canada Scarf

A chunky scarf is a winter wardrobe essential, I love huge, snuggly knits come winter time; and I’m also a big fan of layering. Now I did have a Louis Vuitton scarf which I purchased last year and loved. However, I started beginning to see the scarf on more and more people; and it began to lose the appeal a little… it was also quite logo heavy, and I’ve started to come to the realisation that this isn’t really me – I prefer a more subtle design. So as beautiful as it was – I just wasn’t using it, and therefore I had to leave it… Enter the Acne Canada Scarf.

Made from 100% wool, these scarves come in a huge array of colours; and are also that big (200 x 70cm to be exact), they could also be used as a pashmina cover up too. Because of the material quality, look after them and they will last you many, many years… thus becoming an investment piece. Now that’s what I’m hoping with mine, and it’s the reason I’ve purchased it in this beautiful neutral Taupe colour, because it should go with most coats, bags and shoes I decide to purchase over the next few years.

The scarf doesn’t just look pretty, either. It’s really, really warm due to the size of it I think! Dependant on how you like to wear it, it can wrap around a good few times; and purchase it in the white colour – it would also double up as a beautiful winter wedding throw over. I actually must stop writing this post now, as it’s making me want to purchase another one in white… not that I go to that many winter weddings, I’ve been to one… ever. Any excuse, but that’s the thing about these scarves; they really are so lovely, snuggly and easy to wear. In-fact – I’ll take one in every colour, please!



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