Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club

Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club

I’ve made no secret of my love for the Replica fragrances on here, they’re one of my favourite finds ever and I think this one currently tops the list for me. Very much a winter, masculine fragrance; Jazz Club isn’t for the shy – and it’s probably not one you’d wear to the office – the name couldn’t be truer to the scent, and I absolutely bloody adore it.

Again, I’ve made no secret for my love of masculine fragrances either, and this one is just that. Although labeled as a male fragrance, it’s suitable for women too and with a huge amount of sillage (my spell check auto changed this to village, three times) and longevity, a tiny bit goes quite a way.

I feel like this is a mix of every single note I adore in a fragrance, all combined into one. I think that explains why I love it so much. I get opening notes of coconut, tobacco, rum and a hint of vanilla; the dry down then produces tobacco, spices, more vanilla and some oriental-esque notes that last long into the evening. This one is ideal for an evening out, and I’ve also been wearing it a lot in the daytime throughout winter, although I’ll probably have to retire it for evenings only during the summer – as it is a heavy one.

Jazz Club is a gorgeously complex mixture of notes that I imagine you’d find at, well… a jazz club – a very sophisticated Jazz Club, full of gorgeous, glamorous people. That’s what I imagine when I close my eyes and inhale the aromas of this wonderful creation. One I’ll continue (if I ever need to, I can’t see it running out for a long time) to purchase again and again.


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