Introducing the Givenchy Horizon

Givenchy Horizon Mini

The Givenchy Antigona was the first designer handbag that I ever fell in love with – it’s what started off my whole obsession for luxe handbags, and was the first one I ever owned. I first owned it in cream, after a few years I then sold it to get it in black. It was my baby, the one I cherished the most, the one I’d never part with of all my collection… until recently. As much as I adore the design, I don’t know… I just seem to have fallen out of love with it. Now actually, I lie. I do know – it’s Instagram. The bag has completely saturated Instagram (and rightly so, it’s hugely popular for a reason); but I just began feeling a bit of a cliché with it, and it stopped getting used more and more. It’s the same with the Gucci handbags – I feel like Instagram has ruined them a bit. I really like to be as unique as possible, have my own style and avoid wearing the same things as everyone else. I’m probably going off on a tangent here about the Instagram “it bags” and I do plan to write a full blog post explaining this; so for now, I’ll get back on track…

Right, so, YES – The Antigona. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t getting used at all anymore; but, the thing is, Givenchy handbags are one of the best I’ve ever owned. They’re top of my list along with Saint Laurent for durability, timeless designs and robustness. Givenchy know their bags and I actually felt sad at the thought of losing one from my albeit small, proud collection. Then, then I saw the Horizon Mini. Now I didn’t just see the Horizon, I saw Emma Watson with the Horizon Mini – with a book, A BOOK, peeking out of the top. I’m a huge bookworm, and a huge Emma Watson fan… okay; and that’s when I knew it was the bag, it was the bag for me!!! No, seriously, I felt super excited about it. But you know what else I felt super excited about, the fact that I hadn’t seen this anywhere on Instagram, I hadn’t seen any “influencers” sporting it and I hadn’t seen any counterfeit copies of it all over eBay (there’s actually ethical reasons I’m so strongly  against them).

Givenchy Horizon Mini

So yeah, goodbye Antigona, the bag I’d held dear for so many years, and hello Horizon. Now to be honest I’m not too sure what other colours this bag is available in, I saw the black and had no interest in anything else – but as we all know, this colour goes with almost everything. I feel like it’s a super timeless and classic design – it reminds me a lot of the Sac de Jour – my favourite purchase ever; so I guess it does fit in with my personal tastes. It’s available in smooth and grained leather – I went for the grained for durability purposes, plus I’ve always liked the grained look more – and measures 18cm x 26cm,  with a depth of 11cm. There’s also a crossbody / shoulder strap (a must) that measures 56cm. To say this is a mini bag, it fits everything I need in it – and I do like to carry quite a bit with me. It also has a very clever closure on it which keeps all your valuables secure – something the mini version of the Sac de Jour is missing. I compare it to that, as I feel like if you were debating between this and another mini, it would most likely be the SDJ.

Givenchy Horizon Mini

This one is a purchase I’m super happy with and I plan on keeping as a permanent addition to my wardrobe. It may not be the latest it bag, and it may not be plastered all over my Instagram popular posts feed – but it’s very much me, it’s so true to my personal taste and style and it’s not at all in your face designer, either. I feel like it’s a really good long term investment piece that will work with an array of different outfits and situations – shopping, cinema, dining out – it can be dressed up or down and for what I’m after, I 100% made the right decision to retire (sell, just to be super transparent – I hate when bloggers promote an unattainable lifestyle) my Antigona in favour of the Horizon.

Givenchy Horizon Mini


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