The Reading List

Books are one of my favourite things in the world. I’ve read so many, but some I treasure more than others and thought I would share them with you too. It was hard getting this list down (I could have added so many more – hello… Harry Potter!), but I’ve compiled a list of my all time favourite books in the hope that you will be able to get as much enjoyment out of them as I do.

The Goddess Guide & The Goddess Experience

If I could have one (well, technically two) favourite book(s); it would have to be The Goddess Guide books. The Goddess Guide is the book I’ve kept with me the longest, and is what inspired me to create my blog to begin with. It’s like a stunning scrapbook of happiness. I recently read a review that stated “there’s not a woman alive that wouldn’t love it” and I’d say they got that one pretty spot on.

Kate Spade New York: All in Good Taste

This is the prettiest coffee table book ever. I adore Kate Spade designs, and if you do too – this book won’t let you down. Full of tips and advice all around entertaining etiquette; it also has recipes, anecdotes and lovely ideas. It’s crammed full of information and gorgeous drawings, allowing you to dip in and out whenever you feel the need.

How to Murder Your Life by Cat Marnell

For me, this book has it all. I literally think it’s incredible. A jaw dropping story of a New York beauty editor battling drug addiction. Cat Marnell is super talented and hilariously witty. I never wanted this book to end. It has a permanent place on my bookshelf. There’s also lots of beauty product name dropping – love!!

Radical Self Love by Gala Darling

Beautiful cover aside, another amazing book. It has tonnes of girl friendly, positive advice; accompanied by so many pretty little illustrations. A magical book that every woman should own. 

The Healthy Life by Jessica Sepel

This is a new one on my list, but one that I already can’t live without. I really can’t praise this book enough. It’s full of healthy, realistic recipes and nutrition & wellbeing advice to help you live the healthiest, happiest life possible.

Cravings by Chrissy Tiegen

In a world today that’s full of health cookbooks and dieting trends, this is a welcome indulgence. It’s a huge book that’s full to the brim of mouthwatering meal ideas (seriously mouthwatering – if you’re attempting to diet, just stay away), it’s also pretty funny too.

Seven Brief Lessons on Physics by Carlo Rovelli

This is the most beautiful book I’ve ever owned (the little black one at the top of the picture, with the scattering of gold stars on the cover). It’s a mesmerising cover, and the contents don’t disappoint either. Oh, and don’t be put off by the name, it’s really not boring. It’s a short, simplified guide to modern physics, but one that’s written in a way to make the subject feel en vogue. A captivating read.

Hotel Chocolat: A New way of Cooking with Chocolate

Need I say more? It’s a book about chocolate, cooking with chocolate to be precise. It has chocolate recipes on every page (both sweet and savoury), and is my favourite dessert cookbook, ever.

Deliciously Ella by Ella Woodward

There are two books to choose from here, and both are equally as great; although the second (Deliciously Ella Every Day) tends to be a little simpler with regards to ingredients. This is such a lovely and inspiring book, that will really change the way you eat and look at what you put on your plate.

Asking For It by Louise O’Neill

There are so, so many novels that I could have added to the list, but we would be here forever. However, it is rare (with the exception of Harry Potter); that once I’ve read a novel that I’ll then go back and read it again, that was until I read Asking For It. It’s quite a hard hitting subject, and the ending may not be what you desired… but I feel this is one that all young girls would benefit reading.

The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli

This is such an intelligent and witty book. It was recommended to me by a great friend and I now like to give it as a gift to my other great friends. The author picks apart simple errors and cognitive biases and helps us to identify and stop these. It’s less self help, and more factual guidance – which I love. Everyone should own a copy.

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