My Scented Candle Obsession – Bella Freud Candles

Bella Freud Starry Starry Nights Scented Candle, Bella Freud Je T'aime Jane Scented Candle

Evidently, I love a good scented candle – they’re plastered all over my blog… and also all over my home! They’re one of my favourite indulgences in life, so imagine my delight when I found some that not only smell incredible but look incredible, really incredible.

Seriously, these designs are right up my street and the slick, stylish pots look even more beautiful once they’re lit – especially when the flame gets about halfway down and emits the most gorgeous glow. To be fair, I wasn’t sure how this would work with black pots (not that it’s really a big deal, not for me, I’m more interested in the scent.. and the strength of the scent) however it does; it works really well.

But yeah, let’s get onto the most important aspect – the scent, and particularly how strong the scent is. If I’m spending money on a candle, and these are at the pricier end of the spectrum; I want something that’s going to give me a scent that runs right through my home – and these certainly do. They also burn beautifully, probably the most even wax burn I’ve experienced and no nasty black smoke whatsoever – very impressive, and can probably be owed to the hand poured natural wax in them.

Starry Starry Nights contains an enchanting mix of frankincense, tobacco flower, agarwood, cedarwood, nutmeg, tonka bean and ginger. It’s deep, it’s warm and it’s very wintry; and to describe the scent in a simple way – it smells like a mens fresh, sexy cologne. I actually wondered if my boyfriend had started wearing cologne around the house for a few days at first, until I realised it was the candle burning away. This to me, sets this one aside from alot of the other home fragrance candles on the market at the moment; very unique, for a scented candle.

Je T’aime Jane is more of a floral and probably my favourite, scent wise, of the two (but both are bloody incredible). This is probably because the smell of lily’s is one of my favourite fragrances for the home ever – and this, to again put it simply, is exactly what this candle smells of. Now I say floral, but that word always puts me off, it’s not a powdery floral at all – it’s very fresh and very modern – if you want to know what it smells like before purchasing, go and dip your nose into the biggest, most beautiful bunch of white lily’s you can find, and there you have it. A more straight forward ingredient list of snow lily (the scent of tiger lily when in bloom), fresh green leaves and cool water stem go into this beautiful creation. Again, as with the Starry Starry Nights offering – this one burns just as well and sits just as pretty.

I’m super impressed with these candles, yes at the higher price point – but they are one of the strongest smelling candles I’ve used, and you’re also left with a beautiful piece of art to re use in your home afterwards. Both packaging and scent wise, a huge winner for me. I adore them.


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